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Nourou Dine SAKA SALEY au micro de Michel Arseneault (RFI) sur la demande d'extradition de Mr Patrice Talon

This interview took place on Wednesday, May 22th, 2013, at a time the Paris Court decision was not yet available.

Michel Arseneault's (RFI) summary

Will Patrice Talon, a Benin businessman who lives in Paris, be sent back to Cotonou?

A French court is currently considering an extraditiom request for Talon. Authorities in Benin want to question him in connection with an alleged plot to poison President Boni Yayi.

The story has generated heated debate in Cotonou -- especially after investigating judge Angelo Houssou decided that there wasn't enough evidence to press charges against Talon.

Houssou has now himself run into trouble with the authorities. He has been under de facto house arrest.

RFI's Michel Arseneault spoke to Nourou-Dine SAKA SALEY, a Benin lawyer who believes the root of Houssou's difficulties are political.

2 commentaires:

EYE EKO a dit…

As far as I am concerned I just want to say people in Benin are really fed up with another nonsens story out of Bony Yayi's and collaborators' hats as usual. Since 2006 till now all deeds taken by the head of state are wrong. The majority wonders if our president ever trys to take a litle time to tink before taking any decision. Every single day the people is facing humiliation on behalf of Yayi Boni and friends. For instance how come they are fighting "Kpayo"("fake petrol" smongled from Nigeria)while the national oile company is unable to provide enough petrol and moreover the number of petrol stations, over the whole country, is less than 20. A whole town so big as Calavy doesn't have a petrol station at all. It's just ridiculous and with Yayi Bony the more ridiculous one is still coming. It's just not fair. What have us done to diserve all this?

Anonyme a dit…

Dear Eko, we deserve this because most voters had been stupid in 2006 by looking for the rare bird! This bird does not exit anywhere. Even though Yayi had been a great leader in the bank, he can't be the same for a country for the simple reason he had no idea about poverty. The last agent in the bank make at list 75k while the majority for a country does not have income, living day over day.
The other aspect is that we can't blame only yayi but I believe all the intellectuals are part of the disaster in this country.